fluoride treatment, protective sealants, prophylaxis, teeth cleaning, oral hygiene maintenance


x-rays, comprehensive oral exams


Invisalign, porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays, full porcelain crowns

Restorative (repairing teeth)

crown and bridges, tooth color (composite) restorations, implant restorations, partial and full dentures

Pedodontics (children's dentistry)

tooth color fillings, baby tooth crowns (caps)

Endodontics (tooth root and pulp treatment)

root canals, treatment in the event of dental trauma

Oral Surgery

tooth extraction

Periondontics (treatment of gum disease)

deep cleaning, scaling and root planing

TMJ (jaw joint treatment)

night guard


Our clients have so much to say!
  • 5 star review  I have just had the best experience with dental care that I have ever had. I went in for a large and potentially complicated procedure. The staff was friendly and accommodating. Dr. McRanie was knowledgeable, patient and inspired confidence in my choices. They were willing to work around my schedule and, in fact, came in on their day off so that the procedure could be completed without any interruptions. I actually had a good time having the work done. I highly recommend them for any dental issues you may have. I, personally, would not go anywhere else!

    thumb Jeanne Login
  • 5 star review  My anxiety makes me nervous about dental visits, to the point I put off going for 5 years. I have used this facility for two of my children and they love it. They aren’t like other offices who tell you that you have cavities just to bill insurance. I finally went for myself for an extraction and everyone was the best. They even let me come in for a follow up to clean the extraction and were very nice about it. I didn’t even need to use the medication but for one day because the pain was barely noticeable. Dr. McRanie is excellent and I only wish she had been my dentist years ago. I don’t have anxiety at all here. Front desk is the most wonderful and kind woman. I wish other facilities would hire people like her, because she is exceptional. So, if you, like me, have put off dental care, for anxiety reasons, this place is the place to go, because they make you feel welcome and they talk to you about what is going on and explain things that you otherwise wouldn’t comprehend. The office is clean and the care is wonderful. Thank you!

    thumb Jen Murphy
  • 5 star review  I went to get check out because I was in so much pain and they inform me that I had to get my wisdom tooth pull.I was so nervous I couldn’t get it done that day due to the bad experiences I had in the past with another dentist office. The doctor sent me home and prescribe me with something that would calm me and make it easier for me to relax I came back got my tooth pull the doctor there was very patient with me she talk me through every step and I really appreciate them for that. All the employees I encounter there was very professional and polite to me .

    thumb shyque Genwright
  • 5 star review  I am totally panicky about dental procedures. Moving from NY over a year ago we have visited brush dental 3 times for cleanings and Jennifer is awesome. Well at my visit a week ago I need a minor filling. I was worried all week about how I would work with the dentist and how she would tolerate my anxiety. Dr mcranie was more than I could have hoped for. Both her and her assistant are made by first NC dentist work a pleasant experience. Highly recommend. And while from what I hear many dentists in town recommend replacing crow n.v s on folks that just moved here and never had issues with them before. She recommended a simple procedure to fix the crown and avoid a costly and much for involved procedure.

    thumb Patricia Chase
  • 5 star review  I’ve had the best experience with Brush Dental Care, Dr. McCranie is awesome, and so is there staff. Everyone is so courteous. Due to my schedule it’s really hard to get in to see the dentist but anytime I call they are always willing to work with me. I’d recommend them to anyone. Everyone is so awesome!

    thumb Courtney Holden